83E Roastery     Micro Coffee Roaster

Truly Great Coffee

We don't mean to brag but we have the freshest coffee in town.  Our coffees are hand selected from only the finest "Specialty Grade" coffees available from many growing regions around the globe.  Costa Rica, Yemen, Ethiopia, El Salvador just to name a few.

What we like to do is roast to order in small batches to insure we get the most of what the beans have to offer.  The coffee is never sitting on a shelf going stale.

if flavored coffee is your fix, we offer several flavors and change during seasons.  We infuse the beans with organic flavoring oils, which are also Kosher approved, and mix in 1-2 lb batches to insure every bean is coated with our specialty flavors.

While savoring your coffee, allow it to cool down a little, this will bring out the true flavor and aroma.

This site is still under construction.  For inquiries please email us at Info@83ERoastery.com

or if you wish to visit.  Currently we are accepting visitors by appointment only, as most of

our roasting is done in the evening.

Green Teas

Golden Green


Moroccan Mint

Jasmine Pearls


Oolong Teas

Gaba Baked

Dark Oolong Wuyi

Black Teas

Finest Earl Grey

Ginger Peach

Irish Breakfast




Lemon Chamomile

Ginger Lemon



Tea Filters

Simple Brew

If you like a certain tea let us know and we will try to bring it in.
We cannot match other  Tea houses blends.
Single Origin Coffees

Our Offerings as seasons vary.  We roast to a medium dark/dark and offer single origin espresso beans.

El Salvador Finca Lemus

Colombian El Porvenir La Argentina




Swiss Water Decaffe

Guatemala HueHue Finca El Ricon

Brazil Natural Yellow Catuai "Sitio Posses" Estate



Costa Rica Tarrazu- Great Roasted Dark!

Santiago  Our original blend and our best seller!

B&B  a 3 bean blend great for starting the day

Organic Roasted & Raw  Cacao Beans, nibs,cacao butter and bean to bar

Roasted fresh in our roastery we will be offering cacao beans roasted and raw from:
Peru- Campesino Mateo
India Idukki Hills

Dominican  Republic Altagracia

Venezuela Sur del Lago


and others as we grow


cacao bag.jpg

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                  We are located at 83 East Water St.,N336, Rockland, MA 02370

        To contact us for an appointment, please email us at: info@83ERoastery.com



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